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Resource Management:

Recruitment and Retention

Our recruitment team offers extensive knowledge and experience in the IT industry, thanks to our wide range of contacts and affiliations with professional IT organizations and institutions which allowed us to build a database of highly experienced and dependable IT resources.

Given our strength in this area, we ensure that we can replace candidates with minimal disruption on the project, should replacement personnel be necessary.

Candidate Identification

Candidates are identified through various means, such as referral programs, search engines, advertisements, school and alumni organizations or publications, and IT/IM related events and conferences.

Initial Screening

Once we identify the right candidate, a subject matter expert performs an initial screening to ensure that the candidate’s skills suit our client’s requirements.

Interview Process

We initially schedule a phone interview to determine the candidate’s interest and availability, followed by an in-person interview to assess the candidate’s personal and technical strength. Additional interviews are held depending on the particular skill set required.

Presentation to a client

Once we establish that the candidate is an appropriate match for the position, he/she is presented to our client.

Reference Check

Our policy requires us to have at least three references on file for each candidate. These references are checked in detail before the candidate is presented to the client/hiring manager for consideration.

Ongoing communication

We believe that communication is a key factor in success and the well-being of an effective retention program. As such, we keep open communication lines through regular staff meetings and monthly luncheons where we discuss the trends and technologies of our company, so that employees feel a sense of belonging as members of our FIND family. We also encourage our candidates to keep checking our News/Events section so if something is of interest to them, we could arrange for their participation and attendance.

Satisfaction Surveys

FIND conducts annual surveys for all staff, managers, and employees in order to gauge organizational beliefs, attitudes and sub-contractor feedback which enables us to take action for future trends and if/when problems arise.

Business Development Management:

Client’s Expectations/ Satisfaction

At FIND, we strive to ensure that the client is satisfied with the resources provided, and that the sub-contractor meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. Occasionally, those expectations increase as the project progresses due to the high quality of our results. However, FIND’s communication with its sub-contractors allows us to evaluate each assignment’s progress. If something changes and is not working out as expected, we interview the sub-contractor and meet with client in order to discuss the issue and find mutually agreeable resolution so that the project proceeds according the schedule. The success of the assignment, meeting client expectations, frequent communication with our sub-contractors, all help FIND manage off-site resources in the long-run.

Approach to Monitoring Performance of Resources

FIND remains in contact with clients to ensure that the sub-contractor performs the assignments to the best of their abilities. A sub-contractor working on a client’s site must feel connected to our organization and know that we will help them with personal, project, or client-related issues.

Financial Management

FIND developed acceptable and flexible financial tracking, invoicing, and financial reporting mechanisms so we can adapt to clients’ requirements and make financial reporting as smooth as possible.

Privacy Management

FIND operates and adheres to the highest ethical standards, all of which dictate that we comply with all applicable laws regarding the protection of personal information.